Asakusa Smile is a hostel located in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. The establishment offers a lot of perks including free internet, computers, a kitchen, cable television, and even a bar/lounge where you can receive one complimentary drink upon arrival. The staff itself is friendly however it appears that only some of them speak fluent English.

Unfortunately, the hostel is located around 10 minutes' walk away from areas of interest like the Asakusa Kannon Temple and most of the restaurants and convenience stores.

Room Rates (per night):

The official website doesn't have rates posted but it suggests you book through the website where the rates per night for a single person range from 2,676 to 2,909 yen.


2-20-10 Higashi Komagata, Sumida-ku, Tokyo-to 130-0005
Phone: 03 3829 5292


The easiest way to get to the hostel is to plug Asakusa into your destination at Hyperdia. (Be careful to remember that Asakusa is different from Asaksuabashi--both are stops on the Asakusa subway line!) Use the directions the website gives you to get to Asakusa Station.There are multiple exits from the Asakusa train station located around the hostel but exit A4 is the closest. Check out the official website for a map and more detailed directions.



-Friendly and helpful staff
-Computers with internet located on the first and third floors
-Free wireless connection is strong and easy to connect to
-Cable television
-Free use of hostel's Wii
-All guests receive a free drink at the hostel's bar
-Has an elevator


-Rooms fairly small although not as small as at the Khaosan Tokyo Original
-There are separate shower stalls but the changing room outside of them is shared by two people
-Located in a residential district with a 10 minute walk or so to areas of interest
-Very thin walls--this was the only place where we had trouble with loud neighbors