You'll find many popular American fast food franchises in Japan. Expect to run across McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken quite often. In fact, the Cainz superstore located near JCMU holds a McDonald's and Viva City in Southern Hikone holds a Kentucky Fried Chicken. These restaurants are not exactly the same as their American counterparts and often have additional selections such as McDonald's shrimp burger. And while most fast food chains will contain familiar foods, they may be slightly altered.


Ordering from most fastfood chains is much the same as it is in America: Approach the counter behind which a menu will be placed and tell the cashier what you would like. Be prepared to answer whether or not you will eat in or take out (most employees will understand the English word "take out"). It's important to know that drinks in Japan tend to come in three sizes: "S" (small) "M" (medium) and "L" (large). Pronounce the letter itself with Japanese pronunciation. That is, if you want a small drink, don't say "small" or even the Japanese word for small, "chiisai." Instead, just say "s". Call Coke in Japan "cola" (pronounced co-ra) rather than Coke or Coca-Cola.

Japanese Fast Food Restaurants

MOS Burger