Display Japanese

Internet Explorer:

1. Click on "View" in your menu bar.
2. Select "Japanese (Auto Select)."


1. Click on "View" in your menu bar.
2. Scroll down to "Character Encoding."
3. Highlight "Auto Detect."
4. Select "Japanese."

Type in Japanese on your computer

Computers running on Microsoft:
You can download and use programs which will allow you to type in Japanese. For Windows computers, the best program is Microsoft Global IME which you can download at the official Microsoft website here.

It should install a program that shows up as a small bar either in your task bar or on the top of your screen. Clicking on this bar will let you switch between "EN"/English or "JP"/Japanese. The Japanese mode gives you the choice of writing in hiragana, katakana, or romanji. You write by typing out the syllables you wish to type. If you wish to type the word for dog which is "inu" then type "inu." If you press space after finishing a word, it may be converted to kanji. You can change your kanji conversion settings.

Macintosh computers:
This website will help you enable Japanese language support on your Mac.